Unlock – Decypher 5 July

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Guiding the audience with an extravagant flourish, we extend a compelling invitation to step into an uncharted realm of music and dance. Here, the very essence of sound intertwines with the vivid tapestry of three-dimensional visuals—a symphony meticulously crafted through collaboration with the maestros of the turntable.

The narrative of Unlock 2024 will unfurl across five transcendent chapters, each symbolised by a key. Within each key, a curated lineup of DJs will usher you on an immersive journey, unlocking mythical worlds. These chapters offer a unique fusion of electronic music, pulsating rhythms, and futuristic visuals, all in alignment with the festival’s Unlocking Worlds ethos.

Our aim is to transport you to an awe-inspiring realm, filled with imaginative wonders and mind-bending visual spectacles. This festival departs from the ordinary and mundane, propelling you into an extraordinary, kaleidoscopic odyssey of the senses. Prepare to be captivated as “Unlock 2024” redefines the very essence of music and the art of spectacle.


12:00 am Friday 5th July 2024 All Day(GMT+02:00)

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